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The IASA are now working closely with the Maritime Training Academy who in return offer discounted services to IASA members. 

Below you will find a list of courses available at a discounted rate or you can find out more on their website.


Yacht & Small Craft Surveying

Written by highly experienced experts with a focus on work based learning and achieving competence. This course is for marine surveyors and people working in related areas that wish to learn about this topic. Ideal for the seasoned professional looking to update their knowledge or the novice wishing to learn about his subject for the first time. Three levels of training available: Main Diploma, Level 2 Surveyors Log Book and Level 3 – Peer Review Leading to a Certificate of Competency (COC)

Ship Surveying

This unique course provides outstanding teaching as a result of extensive research and close links with the surveying industry. With this course you will develop your knowledge of Ship Surveying, enabling you to conduct a survey with effectiveness and efficiency. Ideal for the seasoned professional looking to update their knowledge or novice starting out. Three levels of training available: Main Diploma, Level 2 Surveyors Log Book and Level 3 – Peer Review Leading to a Certificate of Competency (COC)

Technical Ship Management

The MTA  Diploma is based on the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) competency standard. This course is for those individuals wanting to take up a Technical Ship Manager’s or Superintendent’s position – or to learn more about the issues faced in this role. Ideal for experienced professionals wishing to update their knowledge or people approaching this subject for the first time. This course covers all the key areas including Marine and Technical Superintendency.

Shipbuilding & Ship Repair

The only distance learning course of it’s type in the world. Supported by The International Association of Ship Repair Agents (IASA) and The Shipbuilders & Shiprepairers Association (SSA). This course is for individuals wanting to take up a Superintendent’s role, a position within a yard or to learn more about the issues faced in these roles. Ideal for experienced professionals wishing to update their knowledge or people approaching this subject for the first time.

Marine Pilotage

A unique course supported by Associated British Ports as part of their internal training programme. Suitable for marine pilots wishing to update their knowledge and gain a formal qualification. An ideal course for anyone aspiring to become a pilot or those already working in a related area who want to learn more about this topic. Written by experts, a comprehensive course covering all aspects of marine pilotage and what you need to know with a view to work based learning and achieving competence.

Marine Salvage

This is a practical guide to the law of salvage and the commercial aspects of the industry. It is intended for those within the industry or practitioners in the legal/insurance sector, who would warrant a general legal overview of international salvage combined with the more commercial facets, which would not necessarily be provided with a purely legal consideration.

Ship Security

This Diploma enables you to develop and widen your knowledge of the Ship Security industry. Engage with a range of challenging topics such as ISPS code, Passenger Vessel Security, Superyacht and Private Yacht Security.  The course covers preventative measures and security procedures along with the actual event. Learn the skills required to build a successful career in the Ship Security industry. Suitable for existing ship security professionals or those just commencing a career in this exciting field.

LNG Shipping

This course covers all the theoretical and practical aspects of the IMO LNG Training requirements and much more. It is a very useful learning tool for all those who wish to enter the LNG Shipping Transportation Industry. It will also would serve to fill any knowledge gaps and give a better grounding to those professionals already in the Industry. There is a 25% growth of LNG Carriers as the demand for LNG as a clean fuel continues to grow. There is a desperate worldwide shortage of trained technical personnel to man ships and their support network ashore.

Port State Control

Whether you are looking to move into the field of Port State Control, or already work within the industry, this course provides a comprehensive knowledge-base for your future career. This Diploma, shaped by experts with first-hand experience, has been tailored to inform you on the fundamental components of Port State Control. From SOLAS to MARPOL, ISPS to ISM, this course will teach you the legal aspects of Port State Control and offering an insight into the work of a PSC Surveyor. For shipowners, increasing your knowledge in this area can assist you in reducing the risk of detention, by highlighting the areas in which deficiencies are identified.

Build Your Own Boat

For many of us with an interest in the sea, the ultimate accomplishment is to build our own boat. This course is constructed to guide our dreams to fruition with key information on the intricacies involved. Incorporating aspects of the decision-making, management and construction processes, we can be a step closer to building our own vessel,. “Whenever your preparations for the sea are poor; the sea worms its way in and finds the problems” – Francis Stokes. With easy to follow steps, this course provides knowledge of boat building materials and the skills which are paramount to the successful construction of such a vessel. This course is not intended to be the solitary element for building a boat, but rather best utilised as an overall guide to the necessary steps required to pursue this ambition.

Superyacht  Operations

This Diploma is brought to you in association with the PYA – for those who wish excel in their career and enrich their day to day activities onboard a Superyacht. It is suitable for captains, senior crew as well as shore based professionals such as yacht managers, brokers, yacht agents, recruitment consultants, marine lawyers, owner’s representatives and project managers. Whether you work at sea or on land, this course will provide you with essential industry knowledge of how to run a Superyacht with success and efficiency. Modules include; chartering, operational management, ISM, ISPS, personnel and interior management as well as other essential subjects such as accounting, insurance, legal aspects, repairs and maintenance.

Superyacht Management

Our Diploma in Superyacht Management has been developed as a progression from our successful Diploma in Superyacht Operations. Aimed at those currently working in, or making the transition to, the yacht management sector or its divisions. Our modules will enable you to fulfil your job role to its maximum potential by teaching you essential knowledge in; technical management, insurance, budgeting, charter management, logistics, safety and security. Typically, we have students who are yacht managers, technical managers, charter managers, DPA’s and also Captains or senior crew looking to making the transition to a shore based support role.

Superyacht New Builds

Are you embarking on or currently involved with a New Build project? Our Diploma is designed to prepare you to be able to successfully manage a Superyacht new build project – much to the satisfaction of the owner. Our modules will assist you at each stage of the new build process, our topics include; managing expectations, the build process, specification changes, contract law documentation, accountancy and payments. Whether this is your first time managing a new build or you already have experience under your belt, this Diploma is suitable for captains, senior crew, engineers, yacht managers, brokers, marine lawyers and shipyard employees.

Superyacht Refit

Do you know what to expect in the yard whilst managing a Refit? Our course is designed to enable you to conduct each stage of the refit project with success and, most importantly to the satisfaction of the owner. Our challenging modules include topics such as basic law and contract law, project management, documentation, alongside other essentials such as change orders, refit process, accountancy and project completion.  Yacht Brokerage

Whether you are at the very beginning of your brokerage career or have years of industry experience, our recognised Diploma will challenge you and give you the skills necessary to excel in your brokerage career.

Boatyard and Marina Operations

The course covers all aspects of working in a boatyard or marina, whether it is from a small sailing yacht to container vessels. So from best practices to understanding the high risk operations such as hot works, it aims to give the student the understanding to operate across this sector. Authors are experts through a combination of knowledge and experience, so have seen when things go right as well as very wrong. Topics include project management, boatyard and marina development, legal aspects, types of vessels, policies and procedures.

Maritime Law

This course provides, in one diploma, a general and broad introduction to the various concepts of what is known as “maritime law”. It covers a wide range of maritime law issues including salvage, towage and collision, carriage of goods by sea, international maritime conventions and employment at sea and health and safety. The course is not an academic test but more a study of the wide-ranging areas that encompass law that those working in the marine industry come across on a daily basis. Our syllabus covers; admiralty jurisdiction, personal injuries at sea, ship mortgages and finance, international conventions and the Lloyd’s of London.