By becoming a member of the International Association of Ship repair Agents (IASA) the member agrees to subscribe to this Code of Ethics and adopts these rules as a standard of behaviour.

For the purposes of this Code the following definitions and interpretations apply:

Member – means a Member of the IASA
Principal – means a ship repair company represented by a Member
Customer – means a company who awards ship repair contracts to a Principal
Committee – means the Management Committee of the IASA
Agreement or Agency – means the contract between a Member and its Principal

Rule 1. Fairness

All Members should treat each other as colleagues respecting all common rules of decency and good business practice.

Rule 2. Exclusivity

All Members will respect the Agreements between a Member and its Principal and any exclusivity and territorial boundaries granted by such an Agreement

Rule 3. Competition

All Members will refrain from seeking to obtain an Agency already held by another Agent, unless the Principal in question has already given that Agent notice.

Rule 4. Marketing

All members will refrain from knowingly misadvising the Customers about the facilities/capabilities of a Principal.

Rule 5. Defamation of Members

All Members will refrain from disparaging another Member or his Principal.

Rule 6. Employees of Members

All Members will refrain from hiring employees of other Members without mutual agreement.

Rule 7. Protection of Principal’s interest

When two principals represented by one Member consider themselves to be competitors the Member will obtain consent of both parties before soliciting for business for either.

Rule 8. Openness

Members should keep each other advised, through the Board, of changes to the financial status of Principals and Customers which can affect another Member.

Rule 9. Information obligation

All Members will inform the Secretary of the IASA about gross unprofessional behaviour of ship repair companies be they Principals or otherwise, so that same can be made aware to other Members if deemed necessary by the Committee.