IASA, an initiative of Hans Ruysch, Managing Director of Ruysch Technical Agencies of Holland was formed in 2003 to raise and maintain the profile of ship repair agents within the industry
and to:

  1. Create a quality sign towards ship owners and managers and the repair industry.
  2. Maintain a “Code of Ethics” as a benchmark of good business practice for members of IASA.
  3. Protect the interests of serious agents against both unscrupulous agents and unreliable ship repair yards.
  4. Offer membership benefits such as free legal advice, credit reference checks and others as may be required from time to time.

With the motto “Professionals in a Professional Industry”, Inaugural Members came from Norway, Holland, UK, Hong Kong, India, USA, Denmark and Cyprus. New members, whose prime business is Ship repair agency, will be admitted only after approval by the board after consultation with existing members.

Hans Ruysch was elected as the first Chairman of IASA, with Nigel Smith of Marine Marketing International of the UK, taking on the joint roles of Secretary and Treasurer. Members meetings are held bi-annually at a major Maritime Exhibition. At these meetings a wide variety of topics are discussed.

In between meetings the Secretariat keep members informed of matters of interest and disseminate any information or experiences of members that are relevant to the industry, between the membership.
The IASA has prepared a standard Ship repair Agency contract to be used between agents and Ship Repairers.

IASA is also to enter into discussions with shipyard organisations as part of its role.